Customer Review - Christine G.

Christine was one of my very first customers. She wanted an album capturing all the content on Facebook that she and her husband had been sharing about their new baby girl, Lena. We finished her album "Lena's First Six Months" just in time for Christmas, so that Christine could give two small copies to Lena's grandparents as stocking stuffers. 

1- What did you think about the design/order process? 
There was a lot of thought put into it by the Shortcake staff.  I felt as if it was just as important to them to get it right as it was for me to have it done.  

2- How did you feel the first time you opened Lena's book? 
You have my quote on that :)

Christine sent me this message via text when her album was delivered: "My album just arrived. Not going to lie...I cried a little when I opened it. It came out BEAUTIFUL!!!!"

3- What were your parents' reactions when they opened your gift of Lena's book? 
They loved them too!  I found them looking through it constantly.  I know my mom has been using it as her grandma's brag book since the holidays!

4- What does Lena think of her book? 
She thinks it tastes delicious!

5- Now that you've looked through your album a few times, what future value do you think it holds for you and your family? 
It takes the place of the traditional albums my mom had put together of the family as kids. I always lived sitting and looking through them, but as I became an adult and looked to have a family I wondered how am I going to do that? Now I know - with the help of Shortcake!

6- How would you describe the overall quality of your album?