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Coralee Dixon
Founder & CEO

Growing up, Coralee always loved history, communications, and creative design. Shortcake blended these loves in an amazing way. She graduated from the Founder Institute in NYC while launching Shortcake, and is not sure which was harder - founding a startup or childbirth. Both have made her immensely proud. Born and raised in New Jersey, where she lives with her husband and their two girls, Coralee is an eternal optimist, avid traveler, and lover of all baked goods.


Whitney Fischer
Design Manager

As a new Mom, Whitney was inspired by the story behind Shortcake and the concept of designer-made, personal photo books. After graduating with a degree in marketing and graphic design, she worked for six years on in-house marketing teams and within a Minneapolis design agency. She now works from home in lakes-country Minnesota where she lives with her husband and daughter Lennon. Whitney is big on family, loves to be outdoors, and is an aspiring yogi (when she can find the time).

Matt Mandell

Design Team (Various)
Shortcake hires freelance graphic designers to help create our customers' albums. All our designers go through a detailed training process and are bound by confidentiality and privacy agreements to ensure secure access to your photo and text content at all times. Coralee & Whitney personally supervise their work.