Customer Review - Beth F.

Beth ordered an album of her son Hunter's second year. She ordered one copy for her family and two more as gifts for Hunter's grandparents. Beth sent me two different pieces of feedback on how she and her family felt about their new Shortcake album.

"My mother-in-law had a terrible day yesterday, but when she got home and saw the book [that had just arrived]... well. It made her day. I just about burst into tears to hear how happy it made her. Thank you for making us so happy!"

"My husband and I got a babysitter so we could go see Star Wars. Hunter is going through a little bit of separation anxiety these days and was VERY upset at having us leave. The babysitter spotted the book and asked him to show her it. Well, he settled right down and enjoyed showing her all the pictures of him and the rest of the afternoon went fine!"