Blogger Review - MomTrends

Momtrends recently featured us in their Best Non Candy East Gifts post. Plus their Creative Director Mandy, who we made the album for, shared a photo of her album on Instagram, and had some lovely things to say!

We made Mandy a 20-page 8x8 book with a linen cover using our Mint & Coral Confetti theme. The album summarized all her Instagram activity for the past few years by category (food, family, work, travels, etc.). You can see some photos of her album below. This type of summary album is a great gift idea for the social-media-savvy people in your life.

"Check out this brilliant gift idea from Shortcake. Unlike other photo album creators, Shortcake grabs the photos straight from your Instagram account and arranges them according to your liking. You can choose themes, titles, events, years, or even specific people you’d like to highlight. The choices are abundant without being overwhelming and the end result is stunning."

"Love my awesome book from @helloshortcake It's a collection of all my Instagram pix in a pretty bound book!! #Easter #NYC #Imbusy #gifts"