5 Blogs to Read When You're Expecting


Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or the fifth, expecting parents love reading about pregnancy and all of its mayhem.  Luckily there are lots of blogs and other great resources to turn to when you need advice, support, a laugh, or a quick bit of nursery design inspiration. Here are five of my favorite blogs to read when you’re expecting.  From tips to funny pregnancy memes, these sites have everything you need to know (plus a little extra just for fun).

1)      Most Informative: BabyCenter

With product reviews, medical insights, and advice from real moms, BabyCenter’s blog has everything an expecting mother needs to know to on her pregnancy journey.  Their weekly email newsletter is highly recommended and includes award-winning videos of baby’s in-utero developmental stages. Sign up with your due date for weekly updates on the stage of your pregnancy, including the ever-popular produce size comparisons - using a realistic guide, you’ll be able to track the growth of your baby “from poppy-seed to pumpkin”. Another popular feature - you can sign up other people to receive your same newsletter. Dads and grandparents love keeping track of baby’s progress along with the Mom-to-be.  

2)      Most Personable: Lucie’s List

Lucie’s List is “a survival guide for new moms.” Created by mother-of-two Meg Collins, the site is designed to help expecting mothers through their pregnancies and into parenting.  With a down-to-earth style, Meg and her team offer information on delivery preparation, postpartum expectations, and more. Readers can subscribe to a weekly email during pregnancy for straight talk on what to expect depending on their stage, presented as if it was coming from your best girlfriend.  For example, Week 9’s newsletter highlights managing morning nausea, whereas week 34 discusses delivery prep. Also check out the site’s “Crib Sheet” for help with your registry and product recommendations. Because #aintnobodygottimeforthat. 

3)      Most Humorous: Pregnant Chicken

This blog is great for all you pregnant mommies that need a good laugh (i.e. all pregnant mommies). Founder Amy Morrison and the rest of the Pregnant Chicken coop are dedicated to helping expecting mothers and new parents navigate their transition into parenthood with comedy and sarcasm. Whether you’re looking for a serious article on what to pack in your hospital bag or would rather read a post proving your unborn baby is in fact NOT trying to kill you, Pregnant Chicken offers some much-needed comic relief to all the craziness going on in your uterus. 

4)      Most Straight-Forward: Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy realizes that parenting doesn’t have to be perfect.  Originally an online baby book, Scary Mommy is now a community for new mothers and fathers who all realize that parenting has its ups and downs, and has special content sections covering Pregnancy, Infertility, Postpartum and more.  With article titles such as “Dear New Parent Class Instructor, Your Class Stinks” and “Pregnant? Welcome to 9 Months of Unsolicited Advice,” Scary Mommy is the uncensored mommy-blog to turn to when you want the truth about all-things pregnancy.   

5)      Most Zen: Mama Seeds  

Mama Seeds will make you want to say “namaste.” Founded by a stellar crew of dedicated mommies who receive weekly advice from doulas, yoga instructors, and more, this blog is all about inspiring expecting mothers to have their safest, healthiest pregnancies and deliveries.  Readers can expect articles on pregnancy nutrition, exercise and “me time”, all tailored for the “modern mama.”  Plus, their expert guest writers will put the skeptic minds at ease.  Sign up for free and receive expert advice and parenting support, plus the occasional at-home yoga demonstration.  

Moms and dads who've been there, tell me in the comments - what were some of your favorite blogs when you were expecting?



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