5 Simple Halloween Crafts For You And Baby To Share


Looking for an easy way to introduce some festive, spooky fun to your little one this Halloween? Creating a simple craft together is a great way to fit in a bit of quality time. Crafting with kids can seem a bit daunting, but I've found 5 Halloween-inspired crafts you can make with your little one that don't require fancy tools or a crazy cleanup.  (And remember to snap a few quick pics during the creative process for fun memories.)

1)      Paper Plate Spiders

You won’t mind having these spiders hanging around. These paper plate spiders are a quick and easy craft to make with your toddler that will be sure to add some Halloween spirit around the house.  With some paint, paper plates, pipe cleaners and googly eyes, these creepy crawlers are a simple way to have some fun before the holiday.  When they’re finished, punch a hole at the top to tie a string and give the spider its very own “web.”  Step-by step directions are at I Heart Crafty Things

2)      Ghost Footprints

Paint your baby’s tootsies for a supernatural surprise. Thanks to Crafty Morning, here’s how you can make some boo-tiful Halloween art just in time for October 31st. All you need is black construction paper, white acrylic paint, a white crayon and a black sharpie.  Simply paint the bottom’s of your little one’s feet and have them stand on the black construction paper.  After the paint dries, outline their prints in a ghostly shape using the white crayon.  Finally, add a spooky smile with the black sharpie.  Hang it on the fridge, or turn it into a Halloween keepsake and put it in a festive frame to display each October.

3)      Candy Corn Garland

Another paper plate craft, this candy corn garland is a treat to make, without the tricks. With some washable paint, paper plates and string, ribbon, or kitchen twine, this candy craft is fun, and most importantly, simple to make. Start by having your little one paint the outer ring of the paper plate orange.  Follow by having them paint a smaller yellow ring underneath the orange ring, leaving a white circle in the middle of the plate.  After letting the plate dry, cut the plate into eighths and glue or tape evenly on a long strand of twine.  The finished product will be a sweet treat you can leave up all season long. Check out Sophistishe for more instructions and ideas.

4)      Egg Carton Bats

Save your empty egg cartons for this creepy craft. Originally posted on Happy Clippings, this is another simple and creative activity to do with your kids to get in the Halloween spirit. Start by collecting your materials: egg carton, black paint, googly eyes (optional), glue, scissors and ribbon. Cut the egg cartons into sections of three, then trim the first and third cups to resemble bat wings.  Then, have your little one paint the egg carton.  After it’s finished drying, glue on the googly eyes (or draw your own spooky or silly eyes) and punch a hole in the top to string some ribbon through.  When it’s all complete - you and your child will have a cute black bat.  Hang from your front door to surprise trick-or-treaters, or make a few more and dangle from your chandelier at your next Halloween party.

5)      Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkins are a classic Halloween staple.  Painting them is a great way to spend some quality time with your son or daughter, and beat the mess that comes with carving.  Simply buy some miniature pumpkins from your local grocery store or farmers market, as well as some acrylic paint. (Tip: Sharpie markers work well in a pinch to trace hands or draw simple spooky faces.) They’ll be sure to love turning their pumpkin into a Halloween masterpiece.  When finished, showcase pumpkins in front of your home or in windows - they’ll love seeing their artwork on display after a long night of trick-or-treating.

Have fun!



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