Shortcake: How it Works

You've been asking me for details about how our design process works. "Wait, so, what do I do? I connect my Facebook to you somehow and then...?" 

So today I created a video (^up there^) and this post to share our process, so you can better understand how to start your Shortcake album. I recommend watching the video (it's more entertaining, plus my daughter makes a cameo), but the basics are written out for you below.

Preserve your family memories (or make a heart-felt gift) in 3 easy steps

1. Connect Your Accounts

The purpose behind Shortcake is to make life easier for you. Just click a few buttons to connect your social media or photo storage accounts, and we do the rest. We'll gather your photos and social media content (think dates, locations, status updates, tags, and comments) to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind album for your family. >>Connect Your Accounts

2. Submit the Request Form

What's your album about? When does the content start? And what design style do you like best? At Shortcake we are devoted to the details and making sure each customer is 100% satisfied. Fill out the Album Request Form to tell me all the basics and submit your deposit. >>Submit Your Album Request Form

3. Confirm Any Edits & Print

In the final step I'll email you a link to a digital proof of your album, so you can make sure everything is just right before we send it to the printer. And voilà - you'll have a unique, premium keepsake album for you and your loved ones delivered to your door a few days later. >>View the Sample Gallery

I’m directly accessible to all my customers via email or phone throughout the process - you can make changes or ask questions at any point.

Questions? I’m all ears in the comments below, or check out my FAQs page. I want to make your Shortcake experience as sweet as possible.



Shortcake Albums is a custom photo album design service. Simply connect your digital photos or social media accounts, and our team of professional album designers will do all the work - sorting and organizing all your images and text, selecting the best photos, and laying them out into a custom book of your most special memories and moments.

From premium wedding albums to family yearbooks, baby albums, and more - you can enjoy your family memories again. Order your album at