5 Blogs to Read for Super-Dads

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So I’m a mom, and when I look for resources or humor online I naturally gravitate to mommy blogs (my people!). But dads need guidance, support, and a creative outlet just as much as the rest of us, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately to find a few really great dad blogs.

So this month, I’m sending a special shout out to the dads. You’re awesome, you’re appreciated, and you’ve got a great support network out there waiting to provide tips and hilarity from your point-of-view.

(These are also recommended reading for moms and grandparents - to help you better understand what the dad-in-your-life is experiencing. You might even find some good gift ideas inside.)

1. Most Humorous - Dad or Alive

Adrian is a stay-at-home dad who has worked for both Adam Sandler and Chelsea Handler, amongst many other impressive achievements. That in itself offers strong evidence for the clever humor you’ll find here. His blog ranges from personal anecdotes to recipes and the ever popular DIY, but what makes him stand out his is sense of humor. He’s witty and sarcastic, and makes everything enjoyable and extra relatable. His photos are funny and authentic, and his writing is truly laugh inducing. He is unfiltered, and maybe some would describe him as rough around the edges, but his blog is half all-heart and half comedy-show.

Have a good laugh with 10 Things I’ve Done Wrong as a Stay-at-home Dad.

2. Most Practical - Dad Does

Dad Does is the best place for reviews on toys, electronics, food... you name it, it’s there. Instead of scrolling through the reviews on Amazon and Target, and trying to weed out the good from the bad and the crazy from the sensible, go here. You get a first-hand look at great gift ideas for you, your kids, or the whole family from the “dad lens” as they put it. It’s all the information you could ever need on food, toys, and more (ingredients, price, availability, etc.).

I bet you’re just as curious about this as I was: Swagway Review: Has Walking Met Its Match?    

3. Best Advice - Mr. Dad

Armin’s blog has tons of facets from reviews to podcasts and more, but what makes him stand out is his advice. He has a category titled Get Advice that is in Q&A format and is focused on the reader’s specific needs. For instance, some of his focuses include expectant fathers, grandfathers, military fathers, moms, and more. So if you enjoy advice columns or are looking for some help, this may be the blog for you. The unique stories shared on his blog are heartwarming and inspirational for anyone.

Such an interesting topic: How to Navigate an Interfaith Marriage

4. Most Relatable - No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog

Clint Edwards’ blog is the Buzzfeed of daddy blogs. Reading his words is an experience of constantly thinking "Yes Yes Yesss!!! This guy knows what I'm dealing with." His posts are the ones you’ll want to send to your dad friends, your wife, and even your own parents because they are just so relatable. This blog is real and light-hearted at the same time.

Read this one on your way to work to start your day with a smile: First World Toddler Problems

5. Most Earthy - Natural Papa

This one is for all the parents out there who are living a natural lifestyle, or those who just want to dip their feet in the pool of all the organic, all-natural possibilities out there. Derek discusses topics like parenting, home-birth, recipes, and more. He gives advice, discusses controversial topics, and eases you into a more natural way of living. If you’re interested in home remedies and the natural way to a healthy lifestyle, or you just want some guidance, Natural Papa has exactly what you need.

Here he answers any questions parents could have about Co-Sleeping With Baby.

I'd love to add more great dad blogs to my list. Tell me in the comments - do you know any other great blogs for dads?




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