Customer Review - Desta L.

Earlier this year, Shortcake customer Desta's beloved father passed away. As a tribute, she began uploading photos from throughout his life to an album on FB. It was something she hoped to turn into a physical album, but hadn't been able to yet. Then, in April, she found Shortcake. 

Since that time, she and I remained in touch as we created a loving memorial album of her dad's life for Desta and her family. A cherished keepsake of all he had done and all he had meant to them.

Desta received her album earlier this month. I was anxious to hear her thoughts - I knew how much the album meant to her. She shared this photo and the below text on social media when her album arrived, and made my heart full.

Desta's album is a 60-page Heirloom Album with Imagewrap Cover. The design used is "Light Woods" with added frame graphics. 


Thanks to @helloshortcake , I have an AMAZING 60 page 12 x 12 hard page keepsake album of dad! It chronicles photos from HIS childhood- including pictures I found of HIS grandpa & his mom when she was a baby- all the way to his last moments of his life as I held him while he flew away with the angels to meet Jesus and be reunited with his mom & dad & brothers & many friends.

All I had to do was proofread & approve the layouts & background & photo frames, Coralee did the rest! And though I was hesitant because I've always done all my own albums either by hand or via Shutterfly, I have to say I am SO pleased! The quality is ah-maz-ing!!!!! Seriously- top notch.

Coralee won't admit it- but I took FOREVER- to proof & re-proof, change my mind, etc...😏🙈... But she was oh so patient!!

I honestly could not be happier & cried when it arrived today & I saw it.

I felt too overwhelmed to do it myself-both grief & time...considering I'm years behind on Paige & Pierson's, and haven't even started Preston' when I found was a Godsend❤️🙏🏼

#missyoudad #yourwingswerereadybutmyheartwasnot💔
#parkinsonsawareness #heavensgain