Album Inspiration: Gifts for Grads and Dads

The next few weeks are full of busy celebrations for many families as school graduations lead up to Father’s Day in June. What are you planning to give your own graduate or Dad this year?

FOR GRADUATES, school yearbooks are great, but usually there are only one or two pictures of them in the entire book. Plus, they’re posed and don’t truly capture the memories of the last 4 years. You’ll spend a ton just for a book of stiff and posed photos full of people you and your graduate may not even know. At the same time, there is a REALLY good chance your graduate is an active social media user and would love to have an album capturing all their best posts from the last four years. Enter Shortcake. Connect their accounts and we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s high school, college, or grad school, we’ll make an album to help your graduate never forget the best years of their life... (so far).

If you need help with ideas for a graduation album, here are a few of our favorites.

‌• A College Album | Class of 2016 : We’ll pick the most fun photos and memories from the last four years.
• Senior Year | Class of 2016 : Senior year is such an exciting year. Hold on to the memories of their final year of school with an album capturing all the excitement from beginning to end.
• High School Album | Class of 2016 : There is so much change that happens throughout high school. Your kids are adults before you know it. Capture that growth in an album.
• Class Pictures (PreK/Kindergarten - HS/College) : You may have a separate yearbook from each year, but instead give your graduate one book that truly captures all their years of school and shows how much they’ve grown. Two pages for each year gives a lovely quick summary of their entire childhood with only the best moments.
• College Milestones : College comes with so many changes and big steps in your grad’s journey into adulthood. Document those important moments in a beautiful keepsake book so they can look back and see what they’ve accomplished through your eyes. You can include moments like the Campus Tour, Moving into the Dorm, Meeting their Roommate, First Day of Class, Survived Midterms/Finals, Favorite Hangout Spot, Turned 21, Get their first “real” job, Graduation Ceremony, etc. - just to name a few.
• High School Milestones : High school is also jam packed full of important moments in your child’s life. They’ll want to remember those moments when they’re older. Moments might include the First Sports Team or Club, Sweet 16, First job, Got a car/license, Awards/Certificate, Took/Survived the SATs, Prom, College acceptance letters, choosing which college to go to, first fender bender (oops), etc.

FOR DAD, I'm sure you have loads of moments captured with him, but here are some ideas of how to celebrate dad with an album:

•  Growing Up Together : A photo of you with your dad for each year since you were born. It'll mean so much to him to see how much you've grown and how much you appreciate him always being there for you - maybe add in a sweet message at the end.
•  Father and Son/Father and Daughter : We'll pick the photos that best represent the bond between you and your father.
•  Daddy's Favorite Things : Photos of the family at your dad's favorite moments or events. Barbecuing, fishing, baseball games, family vacations, or whatever your dad loves to do.
•  Fatherhood Timeline : Celebrate all the fathers in your family, starting as far back as you can go with photos of your father and his father/grandfather, and you and your father/grandfather, you and your child, grandpa and baby, etc. Any photos you have of several generations together are perfect for this. 
• That's So Dad : Dad's are known for pulling funny faces in family shots, always being the one with their eyes shut, or even avoiding photos all together. Celebrate dad with a fun roast of all his photo quirks. It'll be so fun to look back at all the times dad made you laugh over the years.

These big days are right around the corner, so place your order today to get an album in time for your Dad or Grad. 


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