My Top 3 FAQs - Answered!

So you say you want a Shortcake album, but don't have time to organize your photos. Or maybe you're curious how long it would take to receive your album? And how did I come up with the name "Shortcake" anyway?

Watch and learn!



Hi everyone. Coralee here.  Welcome to my dining room table.  Today, I’m making a video to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I’ve gotten from some of my customers.  So, first up is:

I want an album, but I don’t have time to organize my photos. My response to that is you don’t have to organize your photos.  That is actually one of the big reasons that I wanted to create Shortcake in the first place. It’s such a hassle to organize your photos. But, all your photos and all that great information is already stored and organized on Facebook and on Instagram.  Or, if you store your photos in iCloud or Dropbox, or Google+, all you have to do is connect your accounts to us.  We’ll pull your photos, the dates, texts, location check-ins, and comments for you so that you don’t have to do any organizing at all.

How long will it take to get my album?  It depends on the number of photos that you have or how long your album is going to be, and also the quality level that you choose.  Depending on those options, you could have your album as quick as in a week or maybe as long as a month.  But, once we start the process, I’ll give you a more precise estimate of time so you know what you expect.

So, for the last question for today: How did you think of the name Shortcake? I loved the name but it was not easy for me to think of it.  Actually, I spent a few months thinking of it. I went back and forth with different options.  I wanted the name to be nostalgic and sweet and be something cute.  I started thinking in this direction because I started thinking about berries.  That is something I really love and the town that I grew up in is known for its berry farms. So, I started thinking about Shortcake because I love strawberry shortcake.  My grandmother used to make strawberry shortcake in the summer when I was little. The more I thought about the name, I really loved it also because of the second meaning, which is that it’s short and sweet.  I really want my customers to have a simple experience with Shortcake creating their albums that ‘s full of  sweet happy memories for them and their families.  So, that is why I decided to name the company Shortcake.

Thanks so much for watching.  If you have any other questions that you want me to answer in future videos, please leave them in the comments or send me an email.  And I look forward to seeing you guys next time. Bye. 

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