Choosing Your Album

Which Album Type is Right for You?

Recently some of our customers have asked me which Shortcake album is right for them: the Signature, the Heirloom, or the Legacy? It can be hard to choose, I know. 

So, Samantha and I made a video to help to make your decision easier, showing you the 3 different quality levels, the differences between them, and the specific features they offer.

If you still can't decide, Daisy makes her recommendation at the end.



Coralee: I'm Coralee Dixon, the founder of Shortcake, and welcome back to my dining room table.

If you’ve looked at our album options online you know that we offer three different quality levels: The Signature, The Legacy, and the Heirloom album.

Some of my customers have asked me for help in choosing which option is right for them, so today I'm going to walk you through our different albums to describe the features they offer in detail and help you choose which Shortcake album is right for you.

To start, here’s a comparison of all three versions of the same album so you can see how they differ in the thickness of the pages and the cover styles.

First, we have the Signature Album. It features lay-flat binding with your choice of premium matte or pearl digital-press paper and, like all of our albums, it's printed and bound in the U.S. This album features an imagewrap cover with a custom design, but linen and imitation leather are also available in this style in a variety of colors.

Next is the Heirloom Album. This album also features lay-flat pages but it's of a higher quality as it's printed on 100-year archival photo paper and the pages are thicker and more durable. You can choose thin or thick pages (both are thicker than the Signature album) and the cover options include imagewrap, linen, and genuine leather.

Our highest quality album is the Legacy. This album is of the same quality as a premium wedding album. It offers the thickest Kodak Professional ENDURA archival-quality photo paper with coated pages for additional protection. The Legacy’s cover options are imagewrap, genuine leather, or Japanese silk in a variety of colors.

Now that you’ve seen the quality of our albums, here is an example of a mass-market photo book for comparison. You can see the pages are quite thin and not very durable. They are more difficult for even a child or an adult to flip through and can be easily torn or bent.

Here is Daisy looking through our Signature Album. She has no problem flipping the pages, but also can't easily damage them. I also had her try to flip through one of the mass-market albums and, as you can see, she's struggling quite a bit. The pages are bending and stick together and she could easily tear them out, which is something she’s done in the past.

All right, Daisy, we’ve got three choices, the Signature, the Heirloom, and the Legacy. Which one should people get? Which one do you like best? Do you like the Signature the best? All right, there you have it, Daisy has spoken. The Signature is her preference.

All right, can you say bye-bye? Waive to Samantha, say bye-bye.

Daisy: Bye-bye, Samantha.


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