Meet Coralee

I've been wanting to make a video so you can get to know me a little better, and to share how I came up with the idea for Shortcake. Below is the result. I think Daisy and I are pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.... 





Coralee: Hi, I’m Coralee, I’m the founder of Shortcake, a mom, and I live in New Jersey. And this is my daughter Daisy. Do you want to say hi Daisy?

Daisy: No.


Coralee: I wanted to make a video to tell you a little bit more about myself. So when Daisy was about a year old, that’s when I got the idea for Shortcake. I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t made a really nice baby book for her like my mom had made for me, but I knew I didn’t have time to make it and I thought, you know, I’m not a crazy over-sharer, but I did share a lot of her milestones with family and friends on Facebook. And I was thinking I bet there’s some sort of app out there that will help me make an album out of that.

I had this idea and I started looking and I couldn’t find anything I liked that would do what I had in mind. So I kept thinking about it and did some research and decided to pursue the idea. So much so that I launched the service a couple of months ago, over the summer. I trained myself, starting with family and friends, designing albums for them. I started working during her nap times and after bedtime. It was something that I found I was really passionate about, it blends a lot of my passions. Because I have always been interested in history and ancestry and I have also always loved photography and design, and this is such a cool way of combining all of those interests. 

I am so excited to help people relieve their guilt that they don’t have time to accomplish these projects for their families, to preserve these memories that they have been creating digitally online with social media, with all of their comments from their friends and families and grandparents. And to really create a physical album out of all of that digital content, which I think is such a cool concept.

So, I’m excited to see what’s next, to work with more customers, to work with new customers, and to help you create an album for your family.

Thanks so much for watching, and we’ll see you later. Daisy, do you want to say bye?

Daisy: Bye Samantha.

Coralee: Bye Samantha... [Laughter]. Samantha is my intern who is creating this video. Thanks Samantha! Bye. [Waves]

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