Capturing Mother's Day Moments (Guest Post)


Mother's Day is just a few days away, and there is no better way to capture those special moments between mom and child than documenting it with photos.  Moms are usually the photographer and rarely in photos with the kids, so now is your time to get in front of the camera. When your children get older, they are going to want to see YOU in the pictures, not just themselves.

Hi, I'm Shannon and I am the owner of Shannon Mulligan Photography. As a documentary/lifestyle photographer based in Northern New Jersey, I encourage all of my clients to get in front of the camera. I have a lot of moms tell me that they are not camera ready right after having a baby, or they just need to lose a few pounds so they promise to get into the pictures at our next family session. My response is "NOPE...not going to work. YOU need to be in these pictures now". Believe me, your children will thank you in years to come.

These images don't have to be a picture perfect where everyone is dressed the part and has on their fake smiles. Let these images be of you playing a game of tag, baking their favorite cupcakes, or reading their favorite book. When you are interacting with your children, the true genuine emotions come out, and those are the memories you want to document. How often is everyone dressed in their Sunday best, sitting on a bench at a park? Not very often I bet. How often are you running around the house looking for that lost shoe, or making pancakes in the kitchen with messy hair while your little one is tugging on your shirt? I bet pretty often! That is your life. That is your special time with your family. Those are the memories that should be captured.

I love documenting Moms and their children. There is such a special bond, a bond that cannot be replaced. So this Mother's Day, promise me you will get in front of the camera and get some pictures with your children. And don't that you've got the pictures, be sure to print them. Create wall galleries, purchase canvases, or create an awesome album through Shortcake.

Wishing you a wonderful, photo-filled Mother's Day!


Guest Post:
Written & Photographs by Shannon Mulligan Photography 

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