Stop sorting and organizing your photos. We'll do it for you.

Connect your social media and photo storage accounts with Shortcake Albums by following the steps below.


Send a friend request to "Sarah Short" on Facebook. 



Follow @shortcakealbums, then accept the follow-back request from us.



Share your Photos folder with, or email us with a shareable link.



  • Google+: add ("Sarah Short") to your Circles.

  • Google Photos: select the photos/collections you want to share, click the share icon, then select "Get Shareable Link". Send us the URL(s) via email to



1) Make sure iCloud Photo Sharing is turned on in your phone/device's settings. 
Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos to see if it's turned on


2) If you don't already have a shared album, here's how to create one:
Open the Photos app, select all the photos/collections you want to share, click the share icon, select iCloud Photo Sharing, and create a new Shared Album.

3) Share your album
Open the shared album and select "People" at the bottom, click "Invite People", and then send an invitation to Manually type the full email address in the TO: field when it pops up. You don't need to add us to your Contacts. 




If your Shutterfly Share Site is private, add as a member. If your Share Site is public, send the URL of your site to and make sure your settings are set so that "Everyone" can download photos.

Note: Unfortunately we cannot download your photos if you simply share an existing Shutterfly album (vs. Share Site) with us. Shutterfly only allows photo downloads from Share Sites, not albums. See how to create a Share Site here.