Shortcake automates memory-keeping
by turning your photos and social media content
into beautifully-designed keepsake albums.


We're a mom-founded design service making memory-keeping easier for parents and grandparents.

So many parents want to preserve their family memories, especially the precious and fleeting moments of their little ones' first years. But scrapbooks, baby albums, and photo books are time-intensive projects. They get put off, and then become a source of guilt. (Booo.) 

We think crafting keepsakes of your family's memories should be simple, and fun! 





Submit the Album Design Request Form to tell us about your album.

We'll follow-up with a friendly email to get your project started.

2 - CONNect

Connect your social media and photo storage accounts.

Our design team will create a beautiful digital scrapbook according to your preferences.

3 - EDIT & PRINT  

Confirm any edits to the design, then place an order for your  printed album.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


We'll gather your photos and social media content (think dates, locations, status updates, tags, and comments) and use the great details you've already been collecting and sharing to automatically create a scrapbook of your family's moments and adventures.  >>Learn more about our albums.


Why use Shortcake?
Because 80% of photo book projects are abandoned
and never finished, and that's just sad.

A memory not captured can become a memory lost. Our service makes it simple for you to get your baby album or photo book off your phone and computer and into your hands.


Excited? Us too.

We're a newly-launched company and can't wait to work with you.

Want a Shortcake album of your very own?
Submit the form below, and we'll contact you right away so we can start working our magic.

Let Shortcake's new approach to memory-keeping
shorten your to-do list and get you back to where you want to be most -
creating new memories with your little ones every day.